Ragged agony imbued

Through every mornings hue

A paper cutout, now dashed and broken

Memories implied but never spoken


Spirits rise anew, nameless and few

For emptiness to look back and remind me of you

Please, allay by falling amber skies

Waiting to be defied, by a toxic moonrise


Web-cracked hope and shattered faith

Tracing fingers where you used to be

Smiling knives flash in the night

As you recede away from me


Pander to dying dreams

A tragedy played in frames

To die in stilted snapshots

In this we are all the same



Burn down the quiet corners of my mind

An escape, turning down offers of time to be kind

And so I reach for the abandoned ghosts

Of you, of me, of the things I loved the most


But are no more.


A place where I can’t wake

The hours of ethereal and vague

I aimlessly float

Through endless shades of grey


I cry, a cracked transmission

A long forgotton call

Worlds where I cannot live

To be no world at all


Smallest hours never leave

Lilting memories caressing the edges of darkness, we grieve

A crazed mind, scattered wrecks to find

I’m alive, she cried

Retreating through seeping poisonous time


A nightly exorcism;

Alone with monsters and memories

Eating me alive